The 101 on Tankless Water Heater Condensation

Tankless Water Heater CondensationIf your home utilizes a tankless water heater, then it should have a drainage system in place. Condensation from a tankless water heater can flood the floor without proper drainage. This is something that a residential plumber can install for you if current drainage is inadequate or nonexistent.

How Condensation on Tankless Water Heaters Form

Condensation forms when water vapor is cooled under dew point temperature and turns back into liquid water (condensate).

Condensation is an issue with many tankless heaters. This is because these systems utilize a second heat exchanger that extracts heat from combusting gas to enhance performance. When the gas rises above the unit’s flue, it cools enough to form condensate inside the heater.

If you notice condensation around the heater, there is no need for alarm. Condensation is actually an indication that everything is operating as it should be. The condensate, however, should not be forming a puddle on the floor. If this is what’s happening, then the drainage system is insufficient and needs to be looked at.

While a little condensate is harmless, too much can be a problem. Condensate from a heater tends to have a lower pH, making it more acidic than water from the faucet. Over time, this can erode the pipes and wall lining within the vicinity of the heater.

We’ll Install the Proper Drainage System

Leave it to South County Plumbing to install an adequate drainage system. Depending on the type of heater, we may also be able to install a special tray that collects the condensate and directs it to the drainage.

Our commercial plumbing also provides the same service for public facilities in and around Lynnwood. We provide discounts for both residential and commercial clients to make offers affordable. Tankless water heater condensation can be problematic, so don’t let the problem go unattended.
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Tankless Water Heater Drainage Installation & Repairs

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