What Is a Backflow Prevention Device and Why Do You Need It?

south-county-plumbing-6Have you ever noticed water bubbling out of your sink or shower drain? As you’ve likely guessed, it isn’t a good thing. It’s a sign of a pressure imbalance in the plumbing system. To fix the issue, you will need to have a residential plumber install a backflow prevention device.

The Dangers of Backflow

Drain bubbling is a sign of backflow. This is especially the case if the water appears blackish. When the plumbing is operating normally, the water flows in a single direction, from the home to the sewer system. When the plumbing is interrupted, water can flow in the reverse direction, from the sewer to your home. Backflow usually occurs as a result of what is known as a cross-connection hazard. This occurs when a sudden loss in pressure causes a reverse flow of black water from the sewer line end.

Backflow water contaminates the pipes designed to transport only clean water, creating a serious health issue. For this reason, contact an emergency plumber if you detect discolored or clouded water coming out of the drain.

The Backflow Prevention Device

The standard backflow prevention device operates as a one-way valve installed deep in the sewer line. The valve stays open when everything is working normally. When backflow occurs, the valve shuts off before the sewage water has a chance to enter the pipes. Most city ordinances require homes and public facilities to have an operating backflow prevention device in place.

You should also have the prevention device inspected at least once a year. Businesses should bring in a commercial plumber for routine maintenance. Businesses risk huge fines if their plumbing does not meet municipal standards.

South County Plumbing Installs Backflow Prevention Devices

Contact South County Plumbing in Edmonds to schedule an annual inspection. You may also need to have a backflow prevention device installed if your current one is damaged or missing altogether.
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