The Truth About Toilet Cleaning Tablets

south-county-plumbing-4Sure, those little round toilet cleaner tablets are convenient. Just dump it in the bowl, and it handles the cleaning for you. On top of that, you also get a nice fragrance whenever you flush. However, while those tablets may eliminate a chore you’d rather not do, it may do more harm than good.

Why Toilet Cleaner Tablets are Harmful

The problem with these cleaning tablets is that they contain bleach. The chemical substance contained in bleach can corrode the tank surface. If used regularly, you could very well find yourself with a damaged toilet that needs to be replaced by a residential plumber.

Tablet cleaners are also problematic in the following ways:

  • The tablets can also corrode the flush valve and other rubber parts.
  • The tablet can get lodged against the flapper, thus preventing it from sealing all the way. This causes the water to continuously run, leading to wasted water.
  • The tablets usually also contain chlorine and anionic surfactants. The latter is especially known to be harmful to aquatic organisms. Simply put, the tablets are far from eco-friendly.

Some toilet manufacturers are even warning buyers that damage resulting from toilet cleaning tablets will not be covered by the warranty.

While it’s a hassle, the best way to keep the toilet clean is by sticking to good old-fashion scrubbing using soap and water. It’s a dirty job, but it will keep the toilet clean and preserve its life. Alternatively, you can also use natural tablet cleaners made from non-chemical ingredients.

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Our home and commercial plumbing services can fix any faulty toilet issues. Contact South County Plumbing for any issue that cannot be resolved with a plunger. Our emergency plumbers stand ready to get your toilet back in working order. As for those toilet tank tablet cleaners, we don’t recommend them.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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