How to Detect a Slab Leak

south-county-3A slab leak occurs due to a burst pipe below the concrete floor of the home. Slab leaks are not detectible with the visible eye, and are one of the most underdiagnosed plumbing problems. Most homeowners, after all, suspect problems with a pipe behind the wall as opposed to one below the ground. Aside from an inspection from a residential plumber, there are several ways for homeowners to detect a slab leak themselves.

What Causes a Slab Leak?

Hard water is a common issue in many Lynnwood homes. The buildup of lime scale accumulates in the pipes and create a corrosive environment. This is especially true with pipes made from copper or galvanized steel. This corrosion erodes and thins the pipe surface over time.

Slab leaks can also be caused by too much water pressure. When water travels too fast – at a rate of seven feet per second or more – the pressure can strip the copper from the surface. This may cause certain areas of the pipe to thin until a hole eventually forms.

Slab Leak Detection Tips

There are several ways to detect slab leaks, including but not limited to:

  • A warm spot on the floor
  • The sound of running water beneath the floor even when no faucets are turned on
  • Sudden crack in the floor

The Water Meter Test for Slab Leaks

There’s also the water meter test. Locate your water meter and write down the number. Wait 30 minutes, and don’t turn on any of the faucets during this time. If the numbers change after the elapsed time, then you likely have a leak in your home.

Detect a Slab Leak? Let Us Fix It

Let South County Plumbing repair that leaky pipe. Continuing to ignore a leak can exacerbate a plumbing issue. It can also skyrocket your water bill. Our emergency plumbing can also handle severe leaks resulting in a flooded home. We provide discounts on select services to make all plumbing repairs affordable. Once you detect a potential slab leak, bring in a Lynnwood plumbing professional right away.
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Slab Leak Detection & On-the-Spot Repairs

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