How to Prevent Garbage Disposal Clogs

south-county-plumbingEmergency Plumbers don’t just respond to leaky faucets and overflowing toilets. More often than people realize, they’re called to correct a problem stemming from the garbage disposal. This hefty piece of equipment has its limitations and can begin to clog if trash is thrown in indiscriminately. Take care of your garbage disposal and in turn, it will take care of your food waste. Prevent your garbage disposal from clogging with these tips:

Garbage Disposal Care Tips

  • Run cold water before, during, and after operation. The running water helps carry particles into the drain, and the cold solidifies the grease so that it doesn’t end up coating the blades.
  • Speaking of grease, oils of any sort have no business going down a drain in the first place. Before emptying a pan into the garbage disposal, pour the grease into a separate disposable container.
  • Avoid tossing fibrous vegetables like asparagus or celery into the disposal. They can break up into fiber strands and entangle the blades.
  • While fish bones are okay, larger bones from poultry or steak belong in the waste bin and not in the garbage disposal.
  • While bits of rice are fine, Starchy foods, such as potato skins, should not be thrown in the disposal because the starch will convert into a paste-like substance that can collect on the blades.
  • Anything that goes down the disposal should be chopped into smaller pieces before being thrown in. If you have a large volume of food waste, feed it into the disposal gradually instead of dumping it in all at once.

Leave the Unclogging to Us

Let South County Plumbing be your first point of contact should a clog occur. Our residential and commercial plumbers can undo a nasty buildup that’s hampering garbage disposal operation. A garbage disposal clog will only worsen if not addressed promptly, so see to the problem right away by calling us at (425) 276-7420.

Garbage Disposal Clearing by Professional Handymen

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